Trump just gave a disgusting, fawning defense of wife beating Republican Rob Porter

- Februari 09, 2018

White House Staff Secretary Rob Porter resigned this amidst allegations that he physically assaulted two former wives. The Staff Secretary is the person tasked with controlling the president’s schedule and the flow of papers to the Resolute desk.


Colbie Holderness, a senior analyst for the federal government, was married to Porter for 5 years. She alleges repeated physical and emotional abuse at his hands. The accusations come on the tail of a similar story from Porter’s second wife Jennifer Willoughby. Porter is accused of punching and choking the women.

“I was his first wife and it wasn’t until there was a second wife and then a long-time girlfriend reaching out to me, who was experiencing some weird things. I started to realize that he keeps getting away with it. It’s a pattern now, it hasn’t gone away,” Holderness said to The Daily Mail.

Given the administration’s horrendous track record with treatment and behavior towards women, it’s not particularly surprising that the White House knew about the allegations of Porter and did nothing for so long. Chief of Staff John Kelly has found himself in hot water for keeping Porter on despite knowing about the credible allegations of abuse.

CBS News reports that he was allowed to work for the administration this entire past year, despite the fact that they were warned of his alleged past behavior. The resignation only finally occurred because photos of Porter’s ex-wives surfaced in which their faces had been brutally bruised.

Porter is just the latest departure in an administration that has an unprecedented problem with hemorrhaging staff. Once again, it’s been shown that despite his promises, Trump did not hire the very best, but the absolute, lowest, most garbage people imaginable.

Porter is just the latest member of the Trump team to be outted as a violent misogynist. The president himself has admitted to sexual assault on tape, been accused by numerous women of the same, and faced allegations that he raped a 13-year-old girl. Given that, it’s perhaps not surprising that Trump gave a disgusting defense of Porter today.

The president wished Porter well and a successful career praised his work ethic, and pointed out that Porter claims he’s innocent. Once again, Trump has aligned himself with a predator over the victims. The president is a coward who regularly condones and ignores mistreatment of women.



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